Questions and Resources

What do I want to know about technology to prepare me for my upcoming role as a teacher?  The list is long but I have chosen the over-arching subject of Math because it is an area that I am passionate about and want to learn more about regarding how technology can make me a better teacher in that specific subject.  With the need for our students to achieve at higher levels in the math and science fields, I think it is crucial that teachers are always seeking out ways to make math education more exciting, inviting, real-world applicable, and approachable.  My questions are driven by the desire to know what resources are out there for math and where I can turn to get questions answered.

  1.  How can technology help me to provide differentiation in the mathematics curriculum?  (This question is addressed in the blog posted on April 4th)
  2. What resources are available to find out more information on how to teach a certain mathematical concept?  Where can I turn when I have questions?
  3. What resources are best rated for free mathematical simulations and practice versus what resources charge a fee but are exceptional for which a school district might want to invest.
  4. How can I teach math to students with relevance using computers?

In my initial research of mathematics and technology, I have found the following types of resources and examples of each.


  • utilize hashtag searches such as #math, #mathchat




Math Game / Simulation Websites:

Resources such as these will help me find answers to my questions regarding teaching math and technology.



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